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When you contact us...

When you first contact  Privileged Pets, you will be greeted by Steve or Alison who will take some basic information from you and answer any initial questions (either on the phone or via email).

If you're still interested, we will then arrange a short visit to come and meet you and your pet. During that visit we can get to know you and your pet and discuss your requirements. You can either decide there and then if we can help you, or alternatively you can let us know later - we're "normal", friendly people and there's definitely no "hard sell"! If you decide to go ahead and make a booking, we will complete a Walking Agreement form with you, (which provides Privileged Pets with the detailed information it needs to keep your dog and property safe and well), and agree your pet sitting or first walking date(s). Simple as that!

Dog Walking Service
Woodland Walks
Woodland Walks

When you've booked...

Presuming you like what you've heard and have decided to make a booking, we will organize with you how we will gain access to your property. Mostly, and particularly for regular walkers, we hold keys for clients until such time as they don't need our services any more. Keys will always be kept safe, they are insured, and will be returned on request.

On the day...

Whether it's a morning walk or an afternoon ramble, we will arrive at your home in our clean and purposely created dog friendly van. We will enter your property (leaving muddy shoes at the door!) and collect your dog(s) as quickly and calmly as possible, before locking up and getting him/her into the van or walking them from your home.  Routes are planned so that the dogs are in the van for as short a time as possible and will vary each time the dog is walked.

The walks...

Unless the dog is required to walk 'one on one' then all walks are in groups of no more than 4 dogs.

We walk in various locations, but usually in secure fields or woods, and all walks are guaranteed to last at least one hour (and often a bit longer if the dogs are happy and enjoying themselves!).  Transport time is not included in the hour, and can vary in length depending on where the group of dogs all live, and where we decide to walk that day.

And afterwards...

When your dog has had lots of fun and exercise and is nicely worn out, we will get him/her back into the van for the journey home. When we arrive at your home, we will give your dog(s) a rub down and clean his/her paws as best we can before entering your property and settling them down as agreed. We will then say goodbye, lock up, and look forward to the next time your dog walks with us.

The extras...

We can also offer a transport service for vet visits or grooming sessions (or in fact anywhere else you may need to transport your dog!). This service can also be extended to other pets, but is subject to availability.

In addition (and again subject to availability) we can also offer home visits - for example, to feed cats or other small animals and to let pets in or out etc.

If you think there is something we might be able to help with, please ask!

Open Field Walks and Playtime

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