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As an alternative to boarding your dogs or cats at a kennel or cattery or imposing on friends or relatives when you are on holiday or ill, your pet can feel safe and relaxed in their own environment and you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are in capable and experienced hands.

We know that your pet is part of the family and that if you could take them everywhere you go you would do so. However that is impossible especially if you are going on holiday, in most cases if going to work and if hospitalised.

We have nothing against kennels or catteries as the majority are modern, clean and hygienic and offer a great service but would you put your kids or human dependants in 'jail' whilst you went away on holiday ? This can feel the same for some pets and they get stressed, depressed and even ill whilst in a kennel or cattery.


Privileged Pets offer house visits while you are away from home.

Animals need routine, and disruption can cause your pet anxiety. Rather than placing your pets in unfamiliar kennels Privileged Pets offer a professional pet sitting service. We will visit the house to feed your pets, water any plants, collect the mail and walk the dog for you whilst you are away.

Our services are often cheaper than boarding kennels and are tailor made to suit your requirements. Your pet’s routine followed – sleep in their usual bed, eat their usual food and drink from their usual bowl.

Deter unwanted visitors

Privileged pets also offer a 'live in' pet sitter or house security sitter service.
You may often have to leave the house unoccupied - when you go on holiday, or when you go into hospital - leaving behind everything you treasure - your pets, your garden and your house with all its valuables. That's the time to consider having someone to live in while you are away and, quite simply, take care of everything.

The vast majority of burglaries take place in unoccupied houses, so someone living-in provides a high degree of security for your property and it's contents.
Pet Care:

Pets are happiest following their own routines at home. No kennel or cattery can take the place of their own secure environment.
Gardens and Greenhouses:

Plants and flowers need care too! House sitters do light maintenance work (watering, grass cutting, dead heading, etc) as part of their daily duties.
Exceptional weather:

Freezing winter temperatures, flash floods, high winds and burning hot summers can all lead to unforeseen disasters. If nobody is there to manage the problem, you could come back to a very distressing situation.

Special circumstances:

Houses in probate and waiting to be sold are vulnerable to burglary and vandalism if they are left unoccupied.
When all the family is out at a wedding or funeral, your house becomes a prime target for burglars.
You don't buy food or drink for the sitters either, they arrange their own and they all have their own transport. They will not leave your home unattended for more than 3 hours during daylight hours and 1 hour during the hours of darkness.
They may even transport you and family to the airport, coach station or railway station, but obviously extra cost and conditions apply for this service.



  When you contact us...

As with the dog walking side of the first contact, when you call or e-mail  Privileged Pets, you will be greeted by Steve or Alison who will take some basic information from you and answer any initial questions

If you're still interested, we will then arrange a short visit to come and meet you and beloved pet. During that visit we can get to know you and your pet and discuss your requirements. You can either decide there and then if we can help you, or alternatively you can let us know later - we're "normal", friendly people and there's definitely no "hard sell"! If you decide to go ahead and make a booking, we will complete a Pet Sitting Agreement form with you, (which provides Privileged Pets with the detailed information it needs to keep your dog and property safe and well), and agree your pet sitting or first walking date(s).

Simple as that!

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