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Maya, a lovely, obedient and friendly dog. A real pleasure to walk

What the owners say:
" Privileged Pets provide a safe, flexible and reliable service. Their expereince and love of dogs is obvious. Maya is well cared for and thoroughly exercised. She loves her walks with them. I would recommend them without hesitation"
Maya's Owners


Roxi, her owner was having real problems with control and was on the verge of despair. After walking with us and basic training she is now one of the best behaved and sociable dogs we walk.


What the owner says:
"Like any dog owner I feel guilty when I leave Barney, but knowing Alan is going to walk him means I need not worry at all. Usually when I come home Barney is fast asleep – so it must have been a good walk!
Alan is 100% reliable and trustworthy – and Barney obviously likes him. I would definitely recommend Alan"
Barney's Owner

Jack & Storm
Jack and Storm

What the owner says:
" I was given Alans name and number by chance in April 2009. I live on my own with 2 German Shepherds (Jack and Storm in the photo gallery) and had been looking for someone to help me walk them for a while as I work shifts and often get home late. Not just anyone would have done...these were my precious dogs I was entrusting to a stranger!! Both myself and the dogs liked Alan straight away. He was clearly very experienced and obviously knew how to deal with large dogs. Alan has now walked the dogs, when I cant, on hundreds of occasions and looked after them and my house when I have gone away. I know I can trust him to take good care of the dogs and he lets me know if he notices any health issues. The dogs rush out to the van when he arrives and obviously enjoy walking with him. I can rely on him if I need him to come at short notice and as I have said to him many times...I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT HIM! Very grateful owner of Jack and Storm, Jane".

Bonney and Betty

Bonney and Betty, two gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dogs who love to run free on country walks.


Sandy, who we have looked after and walked from the age of 10 weeks and is now 2 year old and enjoys his walks together with his new formed friends.

What the owners say:
"The daily walks with Alan and his canine companions are the highlight of Sandy's day. The moment he hears Alan's van arrive, Sandy bounds across to meet it, and practically jumps in! We're certainly second best!
Not only do we know that Sandy is getting great exercise, he is also having great fun with his doggie friends. As novice dog owners, we have really appreciated Alan's professionalism, experience and quiet words of advice along the way.
We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alan and the team at Privileged Pets"
Sandy's owners


Henry had a few medical problems as a puppy and was nurtured through this period with customised walks. He now walks in group walks, and has matured into a well behaved, lovely Golden Retriever and a real pleasure to walk.

What the Owners say:
"From the outset it was apparent to us that Alan has a great understanding of dogs and a real affinity for them. He and his team have provided us with a reliable, professional and friendly dog walking service for our golden retriever Henry on a regular basis since he was a puppy.
Henry's walks with Alan, initially on a lead as a pup and then later with other dogs, have had a strong positive impact on his training, development and socialisiation with other dogs.
If Alan takes a holiday we do not have to worry about alternative cover as one of his colleagues looks after Henry instead - the service is year-round and seemless.
We would highly recommend Privileged Pets to anyone and we're sure that if Henry could talk he would recommend them too!"
Henry's Owners



Ted & Hunter